Where are your slippers made?
Our slippers are designed in Los Angeles and handmade in Lima, Peru.

Where do you source your alpaca fur?
Our alpaca fur comes from animals that live free-range in their native habitat of the Andean Highlands. 

What does alpaca fur feel like? 
Alpaca fur is remarkably soft, silky and luxurious. You need to feel it to believe it! 

Were alpacas killed in the making of your slippers? 
No. Our slippers are made exclusively from the hides of alpacas that have died of natural causes. Peruvian herders are motivated to keep their alpacas alive for the long-term financial benefit of their fleece, which can be sheared and sold annually for the duration of the animal's lifespan (up to 20 years). Therefore, not only is it unethical to kill alpacas for their fur, but it is also impractical. 

Are alpacas sustainable?
Yes! Alpacas are very gentle on the environment. They have padded hooves which prevent land degradation. They do not damage or destroy root systems when they graze. And they require less food and water than goats and sheep. You can learn more about alpacas environmental impact from Council of Fashion Designers of America. 

Why is there color and texture variation in my slippers?
Our slippers are handmade of natural alpaca fur, making them each one-of-a-kind. 

Are my slippers made of two different types of fur?
Sort of. Baby alpaca fur comes from the softest part of the adult alpaca (not an actual baby) and is super fine and soft. Therefore, we use baby alpaca fur on the outside of our slippers for its beautiful shine and luster. We use adult alpaca fur on the inside of our slippers since it is more durable and can withstand the friction of our feet better. 

Can I wash my slippers?
Believe it or not, yes. Your slippers can be hand washed using shampoo or gentle detergent. They can also be machine-washed, separately on delicate. Lay slippers flat to dry for approximately 24. Do not machine dry. 

Can my slippers be worn outdoors?
We recommend wearing your slippers indoors only. While we love the suede sole for its comfort and flexibility, this material is not well suited for the outdoors. 

Can I send slippers as a gift? 
Of course! Just shoot us an email at hello@liveposted.com and we will include a handwritten note for the recipient. Not sure what style or size to go with? Play it safe with a gift card which will be emailed directly to the recipient.